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Weekly Summary

At the end of the trading week, the team at NewEdge Wealth publishes its commentary on the week that was, as well as some insights into what it means for clients looking ahead.

Market Commentary

As discussed in our 2022 year ahead outlook “Get Your Lies Straight”, we anticipate elevated market volatility throughout this year as policy makers navigate the trade-off between inflation and growth. Thus far, our expectations are playing out and the velocity of the recent downturn in global equity markets has certainly grabbed the attention of investors.

Downturn is Transitory

So far, consumer inflation expectations seem to be rising in a very consistent pattern for many months. Consumers seem able to look past the more variable monthly statistics on inflation, employment and economic growth rates.


When investor “positioning” has become extreme, market sentiment can shift very quickly. Given the extreme dispersion of investor opinions about inflation, economic growth rates, employment, etc., sometimes a lack of positioning ahead of a significant data point can also lead to surprising market reactions.

Beyond Peak Growth

Weekly Summary: August 23 – 27, 2021   Key Observations: Post peak economic growth can still be very favorable for Value and Cyclical stocks, as well as for equities overall. Given the great dispersion of economic growth and inflation expectations, shifts in...

Wealth Planning

A successful wealth strategy process requires a team of advisors, collectively focused on the goals specific to your family. Below are some of the insights and strategies the team at NewEdge has published on what it means to have a wealth strategy, rather than a simple financial plan.

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Webinars and Events

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