It's Your Time.

How much time and effort have you put into building someone else’s business? Our firm was built to make advisors more profitable, not to profit from advisors. The big firms have had their time, now it’s yours.

The Five Myths of Advisor Independence

Several myths prevent some advisors from making the move to independence. We aim to present the facts — facts learned from our own trials and tribulations — about the realities of going independent.


There are hidden costs

The allure of the “90% Payout” is certainly a strong reason to go independent. Is it real?



Compliance is going to be restrictive

Compliance could be the reason you’re seeking to make a change, but will it change?



Technology will be lacking

FIN-Tech is opening the door for RIA’s to find new and different ways to drive growth.



The transition process will be a nightmare

When transitioning your practice, we focus on one thing — your success.



I can eliminate all investment conflicts

Our Investment Program provides a flexible, low-cost, customizable UMA investment solution.


Now it’s your turn

The NewEdge Advisors Experience

At NewEdge Advisors, we do things a little differently. We bring together already successful financial advisors — over 240 independent advisors nationwide — who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, are thought leaders and problem solvers within the industry, and believe that sharing resources, experiences, and best practices with other like-minded professionals contributes to increased success for everyone.

The Community

While each advisory practice at NewEdge Advisors operates as an independent team, our platform encourages a culture of peer-to-peer collaboration and idea-sharing.

Advisor-Focused Tech

While the industry is deploying technologies that disconnect the advisor from the client relationship, our technology was built by advisors, for advisors. Our aim is to help advisors run their practice more efficiently so they focus more on what they do best — working with existing clients while attracting new ones.

Creating Value from Your Practice

Our Advisor Succession Program (ASP) allows advisors to extract value out of their business, including monetizing part of their revenue while maintaining autonomy and control, acquiring other advisor books, or fully transitioning their book to another advisor when they are ready to retire. 

About NewEdge Advisors

NewEdge Advisors is a firm built by advisors for advisors — designed from the ground up to make independence easier, more fun, and ultimately more successful. We don’t teach advisors how to be successful, we partner with those who already are, providing the cutting-edge tools and resources they need to run their practice so they can focus on what they do best — care for their clients.

Latest News & Events

NewEdge Capital Group Named To Barron’s 2022 Top 100 RIA Firms List

NewEdge Capital Group, LLC, announced today it has been named to the Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firms list. This 7th annual ranking of independent advisory companies is based on assets managed by the firms, technology spending, staff diversity, succession planning and other metrics.


Wealth Solutions Report Sits Down With Co-CEO Alex Goss

Wealth Solutions Report Sits Down With Co-CEO Alex Goss

Would advisors leave your firm if they could? That’s the real question the industry experts are asking. Wealth Solutions Report spoke with our very own Alex Goss, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NewEdge Advisors, on successful advisor transitions, building loyalty, and the three top trends through 2023.

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