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Independence Doesn’t Mean Being All Alone

Being an independent business owner means you are now responsible for expenses that you were not as an employee. Managing these can be costly from both a monetary and time perspective. At NewEdge Advisors, all of our advisors, share in the costs, infrastructure, and resources required to be independent.

This unique structure allows all of us to better manage our expenses and time. This means we have more of both to invest in our businesses and clients. Additional services like cost effective portfolio management give our advisors a platform that maximizes client interaction. Ask us how at NewEdge Advisors we are increasing the quality of client service and the quality of our personal lives more so than any of us could achieve on our own.

Opportunities to Connect & Gather

AdvisorFirst Conference

We believe that some of the best ideas and lasting relationships occur organically when surrounded by your peers. Our AdvisorFirst Conference was designed specifically to create an environment for those experiences.

AdvisorFirst, our flagship event, is highly collaborative, focusing on peer-to-peer networking, advisor-led sessions, industry thought leadership, and fun social events. This invite-only conference for advisors in our network is one of many events we host around the country every year.

What’s Happening at NewEdge

What RIAs Can Learn From Legendary Football Coach Nick Saban

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