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Evolution of Your Business

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Succession / M&A Support

Our Advisor Succession Program (ASP) allows advisors to extract value out of their business, including monetizing part of their revenue while maintaining autonomy and control, acquiring other advisor books, or fully transitioning their book to another advisor when they are ready to retire. 

Buying Books

Growth Through Acquisition

Growth isn’t what it used to be. Seminars, cold calling, or even professional referral programs don’t yield the benefits they once could. How can today’s advisors succeed without traditional growth opportunities?

We think the window of opportunity for acquiring books from retiring advisors has never been greater. The average U.S. advisor is over 50. According to research made available through LPL Financial, nearly one-third of advisors fall into the 55 to 64 age range and fewer young advisors are entering the business. The next few years are viewed by many as the opportunity of a lifetime for advisors intent on growth. Practice Acquisition support is a shared resource for everyone in our partnership.

Retire On Your Own Terms

Retiring isn’t what it used to be. Advisors spend their entire careers building an annuity stream for their families only to face the prospect of practically giving it away while being shown the door. How can today’s successful advisors retire on more favorable terms while having the opportunity to continue the work they love?

The solution to these challenges exists uniquely in the independent channel because here you have an open market for selling your practice and you can determine if you want to continue the work you enjoy. Helping you structure the retirement you want is a shared resource available to all advisors in our partnership.

We aim to give independent advisory practices a better way to serve clients through a platform that provides access to various capabilities and resources, including investments, custody, technology, research, and more.

Helping you structure the retirement you want.

What’s Happening at NewEdge

NewEdge Capital Group Sets Recruiting Record With $9.6 Billion in Expected AUM

NewEdge Capital Group recently announced that the firm has surpassed last year’s record growth in client assets and advisor teams.

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