Plan Administration Specialist (TBD, TBD)

June 7, 2022

EdgeCo Holdings is comprised of several affiliated companies focused on providing a broad array of sophisticated financial products, technology, and support services in the areas of full-service retirement plan administration, brokerage services, and trust & custody solutions. EdgeCo provides these services through numerous subsidiary entities including American Trust, Mid Atlantic Trust Company, NewEdge Capital Group and PensionPro Software.

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for performing compliance nondiscrimination testing and Form 5500 reporting for our clients’ defined contribution plans. This is required to assure that retirement plans remain qualified, and that contributions and benefits are tested and allocated properly, within regulatory deadlines.


Analyzing annual or mid-year census information from clients and completing annual nondiscrimination testing requirements, which may include but are not limited to determining if eligibility provisions have been calculated correctly and calculating and preparing proposals for year-end or true-up employer allocations.
Performing required testing such as “average deferral percentage/average contribution percentage,” Top Heavy, Coverage, Compensation Nondiscrimination, General Nondiscrimination, and Control Group Determinations.
Ensuring that neither participants nor client plans exceed IRS and plan limits.
Having the ability to learn and perform advanced annual nondiscrimination testing, to include but not be limited to new comparability allocations, integrated allocations, and average benefit testing.
Calculating employer allocation projections for existing clients.
Preparing Form 5500 and other reporting, which may include (among other things) reconciling plan financial statements, preparing annual audit packages for applicable plans and providing audit support to auditors and clients.
Preparing other government filings as required such as Form 8955SSA, Form 5558, and Form 5330.
Providing support to internal and external partners for compliance testing and reporting.
Identifying and recognizing any compliance issues that arise from a plan’s testing and reporting process and analyzing and recommending corrective action related to such issues. Logging workload information into database for tracking purposes.
Possess a strong understanding of department processes, procedures and standards

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