Neil Turner

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Managing Partner | Chief Revenue Officer, NewEdge Capital Group

Neil is a Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Managing Partner of NewEdge Advisors and the Chief Revenue Officer of parent company, NewEdge Capital Group. Neil oversees all aspects of NewEdge Advisors from business development, operations, transitions, technology, retention and investments.

Neil has a strong track record of taking great business ideas and turning them into exceptional companies, such as NewEdge Advisors. After starting his career at JP Morgan, Neil made his way to New Orleans-based technology firm,, as their Chief Strategy Officer. It was there that he met current business partner, Alex Goss. The two went on to form before co-founding what is known today as NewEdge Advisors. As Co-CEOs, they continue to develop NewEdge Advisors into one of the most advisor-first firms in the nation.

Neil graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in New Orleans. Outside of work, he enjoys running, playing golf and supporting local charities.